Name of the interns working with our page-

#1 Sukriti Makhija

Bio – Sukriti is currently in the 2nd year of her B.A. Political Science (Hons.) from Delhi University. For her reading and writing has always been therapeutic. She likes to write poetry and often sketches in her leisure time. 

#2 Karishma Popli

Bio – She has completed her graduation in B.A. Eng (Hons.) Delhi University and is currently planning to pursue her Masters. She is a big time literature addict and book reviewing is her passion. 

#3 Manveen Bhinder

Bio – She is an aspiring writer, and an avid reader, with a few of her short stories and essays published. She is currently in the second year of her B.A. English (Hons). She is a feminist, animal rights activist, and a firm believer of the fact that music and literature has the power to change the world.