Have you ever wondered what would you do if you could play God? Well, Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata did. And so, they wrote this concept in the form of a manic yet intriguing manga (Japanese comic), Death Note. It finally became an Anime on October 3, 2006. It had a total of 37 episodes and was a big hit with its fans. Being a big fan of this anime, I feel like it is mandatory on my part to introduce this anime to more people.

The story starts with the protagonist, Light Yagami, discovering a black-coloured notebook named “Death Note”. He flips through the pages to find it empty except for a few instructions on the first few pages.  The instructions state how he can kill anybody he wants by writing their names on the blank sheets in the book. Light Yagami is not your average boy. He is a brilliant, genius person with very little time for emotions. He decides to use the book (after finding out how effectively it works) to kill all the evil people in the world so he can make it a better place.

The Death Note is the property of a Shinigami (Death spirit). Ryuk (the Shinigami) is thoroughly bored so he drops it to get some entertainment. The whole anime becomes nail-biting and addictive when a detective “L” steps in and tries his hand at solving the case of the sudden deaths. Why is this anime so beautiful yet chilling?

Well firstly the clash between Light and L is the one thing that keeps you hooked onto this anime. They both are equally talented and intelligent. How does L find out Light’s truth is another thing to watch out for. Secondly, this anime unintentionally forces you to think and introspect. Is Light better cause he only wants to remove evil and make the world a better place? Or is L nobler for wanting to stop the unnecessary killings of criminals? The best reason why you should watch it is the whole story itself. You can sit back and think, “I know what will happen next”. But the truth is you won’t. This anime is realistic and changes it plot so much it could give Game of Thrones a run for its money. This anime has one of the best soundtracks out there. The instrumental themes for each character is mind-blowing and truly shows the creative genius of Japanese musicians.  Each character is well-written but some parts of it do have flaws. But these minor things can be overlooked as this anime was written eleven years ago.

Netflix has announced a film on Death Note but I am clearly unhappy with the trailer. I would still stick to the anime version. For an anime that was made so long ago, Death Note is a philosophical journey you must embark on!