Mary Higgins Clark, is an American author of suspense novels.  Her debut novel was Where Are The Children and ever since her first novel, each novel has been a bestseller. Her books are widely read in The United States and various other European countries. And, I must say that Mary Higgins Clark made me fall in love with the world of crime and mystery.


Reading this book was one of the best and the worst decisions of my life, both because of how intense it was. I usually savor any book I read, spend a good amount of time on it, taking in the tiniest details, but this book is impossible to keep down. In certain chapters, Clark had me pulling my hair and biting my nails. Never have I read a book that has made me feel so many emotions at the same time. It was nerve-wrecking, beautiful as well as emotional.

The story revolves around the Kenyon sisters, Laurie and Sarah.

Laurie, a twenty one year old student who is charged with the murder of her professor, has no recollection of it which is strange because her fingerprints are all around the crime scene.  So what really happened?

4 years old Laurie is kidnapped, only to return after two years with hardly any memory of the trauma she faced.  Sarah feels extremely guilty about not having spent enough time with her little sister and promises to take care of her and continues to keep that promise 20 years from the day Laurie is returned. When the sisters lose their parents in a car accident, Laurie’s mental health starts to take a toll and she starts blaming herself for everything that has ever happened in her life, including her abduction. Her concerned elder sister sends her to see a therapist who is concerned that Laurie might have developed multiple personalities during the years of her abduction. Laurie, the host personality is unaware of the existence of the others. However, when she is charged with the murder of Professor Alan Grant, she fears that one of the personalities “Leona” may have committed the crime.

The story had turned me into an emotional wreck, the portrayal of each personality, and what role they played in Laurie’s life is absolutely mind blowing.. Even though I was so eager to get this book over with and find out who the killer is, I never wanted it to end. The book contains so many twists, if you’re convinced about who the killer is, trust me, you might want to think again.

I would give this book a 5/5 rating.