Game of Thrones’ Season 7 is smashing viewership records and why not, it is an exceptional show. Also, Game of Thrones is known for dropping massive clues for the seasons & episodes to come. One has to have an eye of an eagle to understand such clues otherwise one can miss a lot of important details. Likewise, HBO has aired episodes 1 & 2 of of Season 7 of Game of Thrones till now. Both the episodes were hiding a lot of fine & important details that most of you must have missed. So, here I am with 6 fine details you missed in Game of Thrones Season 7 episodes 1 & 2!

Read and let me know, if you were able to catch these details or not! Let’s begin 🙂

New City in Opening credits

In Season 6, Jon Snow defeated Ramsay Bolton and hence, the flag of the Bolton house is removed from this year’s opening credits. But since Samwell Tarly is at Citadel, we can now see the appearance of Citadel in the opening credits. Citadel or should I call it Shitadel :p

“The dead are marching past.” – Hound’s vision explained

Another fine detail given in the opening credits of this season is the freezing of the river around ‘The Wall’. This means that the white walkers are coming with the snow storm to freeze anything and obviously, they will reach The Wall this season. Another clue supporting this point is when the Hound sees in the fire in, the 1st episode, and says – “the dead are marching past”.

Sansa’s hair & necklace

Many of you must have noticed or failed to notice that Sansa’s hairstyle in this season matches that of Cersei’s hairstyle. Now, we know, her hairstyle is symbolic of something important, which is, her turning into Cersei. In 2nd episode, we saw Sansa wearing a necklace which we have seen earlier in Season 5/6. This necklace appears when Sansa comes under the influence of Littlefinger. Now, since Jon left to meet to Dany, Sansa & Littlefinger are alone in Winterfell and then, there is this necklace (Imagine!)

“The Wall meets the sea” aka The Wall is going to fall

This is again one of the phrases used by the Hound when he looks into the fire. We already know from the opening credits that the sea around The Wall is going to freeze as the dead will be marching past. And Wall meeting the sea means it is going to fall.

Dragonstone/dragonglass can heal Ser Jorah

Remember, In episode 2nd, when Sam talks about how Stannis’ daughter Sheeran’s greyscale was cured but Arch maester ignores him? Sam drops a big hint about the healing properties of dragonglass. Sheeran was always kept inside the Dragonstone chamber because dragonglass has the medicinal property to cure greyscale disease. Ser Jorah & Sam need to arrive at Dragonstone as soon as they can in order to cure Jorah’s greyscale.

Euron’s gift to Cersei – Ellaria & her daughter

In the 1st episode, Euron Greyjoy promises to bring a magnificent gift for Cersei and in the 2nd episode, we saw Euron capturing (not killing) Ellaria & her daughter. Well, I think it is pretty clear that Euron’s gift to Cersei would be Ellaria & her daughter. But the twist is, in the upcoming 3rd episode, Cersei is going to return the gift. Now, this returning has two meanings – either Cersei would literally return/reject Euron & his gift or she will kill ellaria & her daughter by returning the gift of viper which Ellaria sent her in the 5th season. Remember Ellaria killed Cersei’s daughter Myrcella!