When all of us were hooked upon watching Game of Thrones, Stranger Things and what not, Netflix was airing one of the most brilliant shows of all time. Yes, I am talking about the Black Mirror TV series. The Black Mirror TV show was launched in 2011  and it has, till now, featured a total of 13 episodes. It is an ingeniously written tech based show which talks about the possible future consequences of the increasing use of technological advancements. It shows how our lives will change drastically in the coming ages due to the rapid growth & indulgence of technology in our lives.

Here, I am laying down 6 cool reasons to watch this brilliantly written & executed TV show ever.

Grounded in Reality

There is nothing supernatural/fantastical happening. Everything is grounded in reality and you can relate to it. Whatever technological advancements they feature, can be thought of as a possible outcome in the near future. So, when you are watching episode Nosedive you can literally imagine that in the coming future, our prestige & accomplishments would depend upon social media ratings.

Literally & Figuratively a Black Mirror

When you are watching this show, you realize that you are watching the darker side of technology. And, you are literally watching a black mirror because you are staring at a black screen. Every episode hits you right in the gut. It makes you ponder over the domineering tight grip of technology on your life.

Not a boring science & technology show

Black mirror is nothing like those boring science & technology shows which are taking place in a lab or a geeky place. Every episode has an everyday story to tell. Since our lives are no longer separable from technology, Black mirror shows exactly that. Like, the episode The Entire History of You, is a family drama. It is about a husband trying to figure out his wife’s infidelity with the help of technology.

An Eye Opener

Black mirror is an eye opener for sure. You will be served with the naked & brutal truth about technology. Our current obsession with technology is so irreplaceable that we are deliberately denying its negative consequences. And, the best part about this show is that it covers different aspects of our lives. It shows how technology is affecting our social, personal, political, psychological, and what not aspect of our lives.

Every episode narrates a different plot line.

I believe, this is Black Mirror’ USP. Unlike other shows with x number of seasons and y number of episodes in them, Black Mirror does not work like that. Although, it has seasons but every episode has a different plot line to narrate. So, there is no pressure to watch it season wise/episode wise. You can randomly watch any episode you want.

What future holds for us

Watching black mirror is like watching future. It gives shape to a lot of speculated future inventions. You can learn a good deal about possible future gadgets. You can literally witness what future technology would look like. For instance, there is one episode where they show how a camera can be fitted in our eyes. In another episode they show how a memory recording unit can be fitted in our brains.