In today’s world of gender equality and feminism, are women empowered enough to decide whether to become a mother or not? Is motherhood a necessity or a choice?

You must be familiar with the saying that the motherhood completes a woman. It is a patriarchal concept which is subtly & slyly embedded in the mentality of both men & women. It is so ingeniously etched in our minds that any woman opposing it is considered to be an outcast. Patriarchy makes sure that every girl is fed with this idea from the very beginning.

How the Patriarchal Tactics Work?

The concept of motherhood is introduced to the girls at the very tender age. It is introduced in the format of a game play. The mother-daughter game play. We see how small girls are given baby toys and are expected to take care of them like a mother does. And, without knowing the concept of a mandatory motherhood is placed in their psychology.

Due to this kind of upbringing, no girl ever questions the idea of motherhood. Patriarchy is so brilliant at controlling women behaviour and female fecundity that even women, inadvertently, become enemies of one other. It is so powerful that it makes women turn against each other if the patriarchal codes are disobeyed.

When certain women, after marriage, oppose the idea of pregnancy, they are either threatened with the concept of divorce or even ostracized from the society completely. This, I shall remind you again, is done by women who act as the perpetrators of patriarchy. It is almost like the idea of motherhood is shown as a natural/necessary phenomenon and not as a choice because of our beloved patriarchy.

I definitely oppose this idea of an obligatory motherhood. I sincerely believe in letting women decide what they want to do with their bodies. Do you agree with me or have some opinions to share? Do let me know your thoughts through your valuable comments!

4 thoughts on “Is motherhood a necessity or a choice?”

  1. “We see how small girls are given baby toys and are expected to take care of them like a mother does.” I always played with monsters. That explains a lot. ?
    Elle just nailed it: “There are enough people in this world.”