I know I am superrr-late in doing this tag post, but since I had promised I would do it, so, here I am posting it. Thank you very much Taylor for nominating me for this innovative Five Senses Tag! I had loved reading her post and hence, decided to do this unique tag post. And, guys, do check out her blog, it’s very relatable & honest.

How to participate:

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • For each of the five senses (or as many as you do) describe five of your favorite things having to do with that sense. Favorite sounds, smells, etc.
  • Be yourself, get creative!
  • Nominate five or more other people to do this tag

Let’s get to it!


  1. Petrichor (a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.)
  2. Hot Chocolate
  3. Pasta
  4. Saunf (Fennel seeds)
  5. Roses


  1. Night Sky full of Sky lanterns
  2. A beautifully lit garden/patio
  3. Beach view
  4. Loads of panda babies sleeping or playing (awwdorable <3)
  5. Snowfall


  1. A soft/warm blanket
  2. A finely carved wooden table
  3. Touching a wallpaper
  4. Smooth & furry cushions
  5. Petting a Shih Tzu


  1. A baby’s laugh
  2. Listening Music (especially, instrumental))
  3. Someone playing LIVE guitar (& Singing)! (*me – sees a guitarist, falls in love*)
  4. Sound when you pop out a bubble wrap
  5. People applauding for me! (:D)


  1. Home baked Chocolate Cake
  2. Strawberries (As a fruit/smoothie/shake)
  3. Pasta! Pasta! Pasta! (<3)
  4. Pizza
  5. My mom’s home-cooked Rajma Chawal (Indian dish)

Now that you’ve learned a little about me, I would like to nominate the following:

Well there you have it! I hope you enjoyed my 5 Sense Post! Don’t feel like you need to do this, it’s just something fun! I can’t wait to see yours!

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