Hey folks,

I’m very excited to share with you, a short interview of mine taken by Abi about #feminism. So, as you guys know, that a few days ago I posted a blog post under the topic –Exploding the myths about feminism – this interview is an elaboration of that.

After I posted that blog post, I got a mail from the team of ‘Sparemin’ ( it’s a free app built to provide a wonderful platform to connect to people worlwide and talk on trending topics) and they asked me to do a mini podcast session with Abi.

So, we managed our time since she is from Los Angeles and I’m from India, and we talked about how there is a common thread of myths prevalent in US as well as in India (basically, around the globe).

I’m sharing the link of our conversation below, please listen to it by simply downloading the app and share your views about it, in the comments section below 🙂



Also, guys, this is my profile link on Sparemin. You can connect with me here (free calls) and we can discuss about novels, blogs or can even have casual talks 😀