Thanks Shayla @ disappearfromreality for this awesome book tag nomination. I always enjoy answering questions about books, reading, authors and so on. So, I appreciate this gesture of yours and guys, checkout her blog, it’s lovely 😀


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Reading on the couch or reading on the bed?

Does it really matters? I mean, for me, reading is all I wanna do, it doesn’t matter whether it’s on a couch or a bed or a chair. I require only 2 things – a nice book and a peaceful environment, that’s it!

Main character: Male or Female?

Well, no gender bias :p As long as they are offering a fascinating aspect to the novel, it’s enough for me to grab that book and read it. I never go hunting for books having, specifically, only female or only male protagonists!

Sweet or salty snacks while reading?

Salty it is! I’m from India and it’s all about the spices 😉 Something chatpata and masaledar (tangy & spicy) to have while reading is sooo me!

Trilogies or quartets?

I’m not a ‘Series’ kinda person. I prefer buying books that do not lead into a trilogy or en number of series. But, if I have to necessarily choose, then I would go for trilogies (I have read only one trilogy and that was the “Fey” series by Julie Kagawa because it was super interesting otherwise I can’t read them). It’s more fun to watch series than to read them 😀

First Person or Third Person POV?

Definitely, a first person POV; multiple first person POVs for me. I love thrillers and when it is written from the point of view of “I”, the narrator has the agency to hide a lot of things going on in his/her mind which can later be revealed and has the potential to change the course of the novel completely!

Night or morning reader?

I’m a nocturnal creature ^_^

Libraries or book stores?

Obviously, both of them! There’s really nothing to pick one, both are heavenly places!

Books that make you laugh or books that make you cry?

If, a book carries the potential to keep me engrossed then, I am ready to go on any emotional roller-coaster ride.

Black or White book covers?

Books with black or dark-colored covers are so much fun to read since they offer you the dark side of reality.

Character driven or plot driven stories?

Either ways! Sometimes, plots are very interesting and sometimes, characters take away all the limelight!

My 5 Nominations are :-


Illness Adaptation


Hanna Abi Akl

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  1. reading is all I wanna do, it doesn’t matter whether it’s on a couch or a bed or a chair Now that’s a brilliant answer! 😀 Who cares where you’re reading, as long as you’re doing it! I still want to read the Fey series as well, those covers alone would make me want to, even if the books were bad (which apparently, they aren’t 😉 ). Thank you for the tag!