I am a big fan of celebrity interviews. In my free time, apart from reading books, I have this habit of watching the interviews of my favorite celebrities. Hence, one such interview is this – Will Smith & his family’s interview with Oprah! I have never seen such an inspiring motivational speaker like Will Smith. I always learn something new, something more motivating, whenever I watch his interviews. He is someone who has a lot to share. His experiences in life has made him such a great person that all of his words are so precious. He is definitely the one for me, whom I look up to. Especially, when I am in distress/struggling to stay positive/ facing hard times, I search for his interviews. Therefore, one day, when my morale was completely annihilated, I watched this interview of his and found these inspiring lines. Will says, “Greatness lives on the edge of destruction” (in regard to his son’s hard training for his movie, Karate Kid) and he explains how you become strong when you survive those hard times. After watching this interview of his, I couldn’t keep these lines off my mind. If today I have a better, positive outlook towards life then I would give a part of credit to him!

Will utters this phrase at 38:00 secs, you can skip directly to this quote or if you like, you can watch the whole interview (it’s about family, relationships and the making of the movie). You can watch it here

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    1. Yeah! I love this quote too.
      I have seen Suicide Squad trailers and found them to be immensely interesting. Especially, Will Smith’s character “Deadshot”, the wonderful Margot Robbie and Jared Leto doing all he could to achieve that “Joker” role, I’m planning to see the movie as soon as I could spare some time from my busy schedule.

      The movie is definitely looking something worth watching.

      Thanks Laura for the great comment 🙂
      Cheers 😀