Sometimes, we encounter situations, which “cannot” be defined in one word or a phrase. We are unable to find an appropriate name for that situation or happening. Hence, Gustave Flaubert, a French novelist, coined and popularized the term “Le Mot Juste”, which he stated as being the key to literary art.

“Le Mot Juste”, means, ‘the perfectly appropriate word or phrase for the situation”. Therefore, read up, to know the 10 “Mot Justes” and get to know the things that you never thought could be described in a word or a phrase :

Pentheraphobia – It is the fear of “mother-in-law”. I’m sure of all those who watched Jennifer Lopez’s movie, ‘Monster-in-law’, could relate to this word! 😛

Petrichor – It means that clean greenish aroma when rain drops hit the ground. “Petrichor” is a Greek word – “Petra” meaning stone & “chor” meaning the blood of the gods & goddesses. This term was coined by two Australian researchers in 1964!

Paresthesia – It refers to that situation when you get that itching and tingling sensation, which means your foot’s asleep!

Dysania – It means having difficulty getting out of bed in the morning.

Griffonage – When your doctor scribbles your prescription in the bad handwriting!

Acnestis – The area between your shoulder blades that you can never scratch!

Palindromes – These are words or phrases that read the same way backward or forward. Like, “Taco Cat” or “Mom”!

Semordnilap – These are words or phrases that reads one way forward and another way backward. Like, “Stressed” becomes desserts or “Semordnilap” becomes palindromes!

Aphthongs – These are silent letters in words. Like, “Psalms”, “knight” or “Django”!

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