In the midst of all the hullabaloo of my final year in the college, I found this gem of a novel to read, prescribed in my course.

I’ve heard a lot about Marquez’s writing skills, but never encountered it myself. Finally, I got this beautiful opportunity! [That’s the pleasure of being an Eng (Hons) student ;)]

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The most fascinating feature about Marquez’s narrative technique is that he used “Magic Realism” in this novel.

Now, the term “Magic Realism” is defined as something which one can feel through the narrative style of the author. This technique is a mixture of facts and imagination. It is not an absolute fantastical narrative, comprising of totally fairyland or never never land creatures, but of the characters from daily life with an infusion of slight of imagination in their lifestyle.

For instance, this novel features the chronicle of a death already foretold. I mean the death-to-be-committed of our protagonist, Santiago Nasar, is known by all the people of the town and yet no body could save him from his death (Amusing, right?)! This very novel, which has the title of talking about a “chronicle”, deconstructs itself, in the terms of the very “not-so-chronicle” narrative style that it follows. It is a story about Santiago Nasar being killed by the Vicario brothers due to their sister, Angela’s honor at stake. The returned bride, Angela, has lost her virginity before the marriage and it is Santiago, whose name she proposes for doing this bad deed to her.

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The plot itself and a whole lot of examples of “Magic Realism” has been used to embellish this fascinating novel. Apart from this, we also place this novel in the “Post-Colonial” context of reading, as Marquez is a Latin American author and the protagonist, Santiago Nasar, who has been killed, is an Arab. This novel is enriched with many of the eccentric tales, inscribed in the very cultural past of Latin American countries.

The story is simple, but the way Marquez has written it and used “Magic Realism” in it, is the actual USP of this novel!!

Have a read!

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