So what, if people say that falling in love gives them pain?

So what, if some succeed or fail in love?

Still, I wanna fall in love.

I also, wanna love someone unconditionally,

I also, wanna go through those pangs of love, which all the lovers feel,

I also, wanna fight with someone on trivial things,

I also, wanna care and get cared by someone,

I also wanna chat with someone for long hours and forget all the tensions of life,

Yes, of course, I wanna fall in love!

0 thoughts on “Of Course, I Wanna Fall In Love!”

  1. Then by all means, fall in love. Seek no one’s permission, accept no one else’s timing. The next move, nay, the only move, is yours, step through the door of the airplane, or, off the ledge of the building, or, off the peak of Mt. Everest, and now having stepped, precede to fall…fall…fall…into beautiful, unencumbered, unrestrained, uninhibited, unrelenting love,…love…love. And having fallen into this most joyous of all conditions, and assuming your love has been returned equally by the object of your desire, proceed to tell all of us lesser mortals, just how wonderful is this state of being that so many of us have so desperately desired, but only you have been so blessed as to find. Write countless novels that we might live, nay, love vicariously through your explicit experiences that we ourselves know we shall ever be denied the pleasure of having first-hand knowledge. And why should this be so? Because if it wasn’t…what would I have had to comment about?