Today, me and my peers were sitting idle, so, one of my friend,out of a sudden, started talking about her ghastly encounter with a spectral presence and that’s how we started our discussion on those energies which surround us. Then some of my other friends also even shared their experiences, that how they have felt the presence of someone or something around them.

Some believe that there are such presences present while some do not. When my friend narrated such a ghastly experience of hers, some of my friend’s initial reaction was- “No man, it’s impossible.” Yeah, this our normal reaction to such kind of incidences, but when we personally communicate with such a person who has experienced, then we realise that there are some things, that are beyond scientifical explanations.

I mean at point after hearing their experiences, I was numbstruck, as if someone has just shook my faith. I truly believe, that we have positive and negative energies present around us, but for a moment when I thought that those who’ve felt those presence, then this thought came to my mind that, how their whole life must’ve turned upside down after having a rendezvous with those presences!

I was seriously in a state of “shock and horror”. Of course those presences want to communicate with us and tell us why they’ve returned or their incomplete wish, but still the people they choose to communicate through experience a very, very different thing in their lives which becomes so hard to make it understand to others. You want to share it with the people around you, but you cannot because they don’t believe in all this.

Have you ever had such experience, where you felt someone’s presence around but when you told someone they didn’t believe ? If yes, then you are welcome to share it !

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