This is my first novel by Sharon Sala and after reading it, I can surely as well as definitely can count on her as of a captivating writer.

Though, the outline of the plot is very much mundane, but the intricacy of the falsifying truths are really well threaded by Sala in the novel.

The title “The Perfect Lie”, on it’s own, though gives the readers a nice peekaboo of the things going to be , which is being untrue, but only the deepness of the lies is understood, when we delve ourselves into the story. Jonah Slade’s ( the protagonist), whole world turns around, when he comes face-to-face with a 16 year old lie in the form of an abducted son, by none other than the biggest & merciless Lord of drug mafia.

The pace of this action- based novel not only becomes unputdownable, but an all time “reader-guessing” too. Evan Blaine, the till now “unknown” heir of Jonah, gets abducted by the men of Miguel Caldrone, in the face of REVENGE. Felicity Blaine lies to Jonah, 16 years ago, that she aborted his child, because of the pressure of abandoning her from the Blaine estate by her father and a billionaire owner of the Blaine estate, Declyn Blaine.

Cauldrone’s “an eye for an eye and a son for a son” revenge plan takes shape, when Jonah, being a CIA undercover cop, kills Alejandro (Miguel’s son).

From the abduction till the rescuing of Evan, many unsaid and unrevealed truths unfold, making the plot, more and more chilling. Though, in the end, Jonah does looses a few ” very-close-to-his-heart” people but, finds new lovers and also starts a new life of truth!

The characters are powerful, commanding and overwhelming. Incidents touch the soul directly, making it a beautiful story of ” Family Restoration as well as Father-Son relation”.