“A woman’s whole life in a single day, just one day..                                                                                It’s on this day, this day of all days, her fate becomes clear to her.”

A novel about the hours passing by, in a woman’s life. The whole hours of a day, a day full of fluctuations events, moods, inner emotions, insights etc.

This book, in particular, I’ve found is very hard to review or describe in words. Because it is full of inner conflicts & stream of consciousness, and as we know inner feelings can only be felt but, cannot be described purely through words.

Anyway, I still do try to give you a little outlay of the story, this novel is talking about. There are three women protagonists – Virginia Woolf, Laura brown and Clarissa Vaughan. Basically, it is about, Virginia’ s last novel, “Mrs. Dalloway”, after which, she committed suicide due to mental sickness. Virginia is writing this novel in 1925, Laura Brown in 1951 is reading it and Clarissa is living it in 2001.

Three women, all suffering from sense of not belonging to this whole world, depression, pressure, so much happening inside their minds, but are showing to be happy from outside. Hours of the day are passing by and they are feeling more and more suffocated in this world, they have two situations in front of them – either stop thinking, and just live their strangulating lives or to run away from it, very far from all the things.

The lives of these three women are intertwined, with a book called, “Mrs Dalloway.” Cunningham, gorgeously tells us the profound thoughts of a woman, who are tied up by the restrictions of society, finding difficult to deal with their lives.

A beautiful book !! You feel so much connected with it, it’s quotes keeps resounding in your mind that you stop for a moment and start feeling the ‘question of your  own existence’.

A big “?”