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Finally, I got my hands on this brilliant thriller piece by, the greatest thriller writer, Gillian Flynn.

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The 2012’s best selling novel is undoubtedly, a magnum opus of Flynn. Such deep insights of psychology of a human, especially, a married one, so flawlessly portrayed, can only be a work of a connoisseur!!

She has used her expertise to twist such an ordinary looking plot into a “gorgeous-adrenaline-rushing”one. It was so difficult to put it down and shift focus to other things.

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This novel, seriously, got me addicted. It starts with two perspectives, we have two narrators- Nick Dunne & Amy Dunne (a couple, obviously). The hubby telling us, how he lost his job of a writer in NYC and moved to Missouri to ‘Mcmansion’ on rent, owning a bar (opened with Amy’s funds) with his twin sis Margo, and with which, obvio, the wife was not happy.

The beginning is a l’il difficult to understand, if you are not a big novel reader, but as the story will move, you will understand it’s motive. Nick narrates the present scenario of his married life, which is not at all a satiable one. Amy, telling her story through her diary entries of the past, stating the life is good but Nick is a bit more aggressive and there is much more to his personality than he usually appears to be.

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The thrill part starts, when Amy gets missing on their 5th anniversary and everybody thinks, she is dead. The things go fine like normal mysteries, where detectives & police comes into picture doing investigation, till we get to the next part of the novel, informing us that both of our narrators were breaching our trust, that is, they narrated the story with so many lies!!


In reality, Nick is having an affair and Amy is still alive, kind of hiding from his hubby, at some place. Meanwhile, all the fingers gets pointed towards the cheater Nick for murdering Amy, which is not true. Amy framed his hubby for her murder because she got to know, Nick has a ‘mistress’.

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So, Amy, takes help from his ex, for a hide out, but soon finds out that his ex is getting “over” romantic with her. She kills him, and returns back to her hubby and makes up a fake story of getting abducted and also tells us that she is pregnant.

The novel’s ending has been criticized by so many reviewers and I too would like to include myself.

Nick knew Amy killed her ex and is “not-so-innocent”as she looks, but he just writes a piece about it and also eradicates it, when he gets to know that Amy is pregnant. Well, he too cheated on his wife, so, I think they both are perfect for each other, as they both are conspirators of things (in my opinion).

A delight for thriller fans and to those, who have great interest in psychological insights.

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There is also an upcoming flick based on this novel starring, Ben Affleck, in October, 2014. But, ” A book is a book” (If you know what I mean).

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