sevengablesjacketOK! So, it’s in my course, that’s how I got to know about this book. It’s termed to be a “Gothic” novel (not a hardcore one, though). I kind of researched about this author and I’ve also posted his best quotes, which are truly awesome and also got to know, that Hawthorne, was mostly known for “The Scarlet Letter”, which was his chef d’oeuvre..

And, after reading this novel, one can definitely improve his/her vocabulary & English writing, if you want to be a writer or have interest in this field, with of course, a dose of horror.

The story of this magnificent novel revolves around the  cursed “Pyncheon Family” of the New England. The progenitor, colonel Pyncheon, finds his “Dream” place to build a house for his descendants, but that place is occupied by a destitute, Mathew Maule.

House-of-the-Seven-Gables-dSo, the clever Col. Pyncheon accuses Maule of witchcraft and make sures that he gets hanged, but when Mathew dies, he points towards Col. Pyncheon and utters, “God shall give him blood to drink” (THE CURSE). After which he acquires his place and starts the construction of his big edifice called, “The House Of Seven Gables”, interestingly, the construction head of the house happens to be the progeny of Mathew Maule, known as, Thomas Maule.

Everything is done, but Col. Pyncheon, is found dead in his chair, with blood on his mouth, at housewarming party, (the curse has started). So, the curse goes on, and very few Pyncheons are left now, after 120 years. Clifford Pyncheon, has been sent to jail by his cousin. Judge Jaffrey Pyncheon, on the accusation of murdering his own Uncle. Clifford’s sister, Hepzibah, an old woman, is now te owner of the house and starts a, “one cent” shop, to heal her trough economic situation. Mr. Holgrave lives as a tenant in the upper stairs of the house.

Phoebe Pyncheon (Niece of Hepzibah) and Clifford, after getting released from the jail, comes back to the house and so does Judge Jaffrey, to interrogate Clifford about the deed, Col. Pyncheon left(which he thinks, Clifford knows about). But what happens is, that because of the curse, Jaffrey dies of a sudden stroke, and Hepzibah with Clifford, runs away from the scene.

In the meanwhile, Holgrave convinces them to come back and finds a way to show Jaffrey’s death as an innocence of Clifford’s till now punishment, and he too confesses his love for Phoebe. All this happens, and they all move out from the house to a new place, plus we also gets to know, that Mr. Holgrave, was a descendant of Maule’s and he tells us that, that “deed” is of no significance now, because it was of importance till, Col. Pyncheon was alive.

In the end, Phoebe and Holgrave gets married, thus, giving us a message of “Cursed marrying Curse giver”.

Nice Novel!!

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